Wanda Keenan

Delivery Manager - Health

Wanda Keenan is the Delivery Manager for HealthCo. Focused on delivering SEND and GDM. She moved to Oxford from London at the end of August 2017.

Wanda has spent her career in Technology, for much of that time in the Television industry. Highlights include winning the award for Outstanding Achievement from BBC Technology for delivering solutions to Eastenders and other flagship areas, exploring new innovations with BBC R&D, delivering software MVP ahead of schedule for GES and SIS Betting, initiating and delivering three new Television Channels for Paddy Power in Manchester, captaining a mixed netball team at Sky and single handedly setting up the studio and broadcasting news from Sydney to London during the millennium celebrations.

Wanda bought her first house in east London at the age of 23, became a qualified diver while backpacking in Australia and produced four Edinburgh comedy shows in one year, making a profit and extending the shows from 1 hour to 2 because the audience wouldn't' leave! (Even the ones that didn't have a seat).

Wanda is an Agile champion, certified Scrum Master and Jira expert. She has introduced Agile and Jira best practice to a number of international companies and managed multiple international teams concurrently. Wanda uses Jira to focus the attention of the delivery team and business on priority tasks. Key to Wanda's success is removing ambiguity from business requirements in Jira, giving individuals clarity on work they need to focus on and the building of collaborative, inclusive and dynamic relationships between and within the business and delivery teams.

Wanda enjoys exploring, adventure and meeting lovely people. She's very excited about moving to Oxford.