Steven Hamblin

Chief Technology Officer

Steven comes from Edmonton, Canada, where he began programming in elementary school. Starting off in computer science, he went on to complete a BA in Psychology at the University of Alberta, and then an M.Sc. in Psychology working in theoretical behavioural biology and applications of metaheuristic optimization to evolutionary game theory problems. He completed his Ph.D. in Biology at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2011, working on the use of individual-based simulation and metaheuristics for animal foraging models.

Following his Ph.D. Steven moved to Sydney, Australia, where he worked as a postdoctoral research associate for three years on models of viral and bacterial evolution and became a convert to Bayesian statistical approaches. His second postdoctoral appointment was in Los Angeles, where he worked in a lab focusing on behavioural and population genetics and built a computer vision and machine learning platform for high-throughput analysis of *Drosophila* video data.

While in Los Angeles, Steven was a part of his first start-up working on issues of patient early-warning in pneumonia cases triaged to the home using audio signal processing and machine learning models. Though that did not progress, it was valuable experience for his next step; in 2015, he moved to London where he joined babylon health, a London-based digital healthcare startup and rose to be the Head of Artificial Intelligence leading a large team to build innovative approaches to digital primary care.

Steven joined Drayson Technologies in mid-2017 as Chief Technology Officer.