Jonathan McKinnell

Head of Data Science

Jonathan McKinnell studied mathematical physics at Edinburgh University and then an M.Sc. in theoretical physics at Imperial College where he was inspired to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematical modelling looking into the design of novel photonic devices to create extraordinary behaviours of light.

Following his Ph.D. Jonathan used his experience in mathematical modelling for the financial services industry in derivatives structuring for high net worth individuals. At the same time, he was inspired by the advances being made in computer vision, which makes use of machine learning to enable computers to 'see' the information in images, and joined the BBC to further his work in this area. Along with computer vision applied to tasks such as face recognition and automated quality checking of BBC programme content, Jonathan worked on speech recognition algorithms and their use on audio data. Jonathan has also worked on the design of new computer vision chips for use in smartphone cameras at Broadcom.

Jonathan is passionate about the application of data science to the life sciences, and has joined Drayson Technologies in September 2017 as Head of Data Science from GSK where he worked on novel endpoints such as disease specific physical activity measures for COPD and Rheumatoid arthritis in clinical trials. In the drug discovery area at GSK Jonathan worked on making use of disruptive technologies, such as the application of deep learning and computer vision to drug discovery images, enabling quantitative insights between different datasets as well as saving cost and time.

In his free time Jonathan likes spending time with his family and learning from his three year old daughter.