Gordon Saul

Senior Vice President

Gordon Saul is Senior Vice President of Drayson Technologies and is responsible for the development of strategic partner relationships in the United States of America. Gordon is focused on applying our wireless energy technologies in this important market and the development of applications in medical devices and healthcare, to which he brings more than 30 years experience. Gordon is based in Palo Alto, California.

In 1996, after several years experience in the life sciences industry in the United States, Gordon joined PowderJect Pharmaceuticals Plc as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.

At PowderJect, Gordon was responsible for establishing PowderJect’s first US presence and negotiated several major licensing transactions.

In 2001, he joined the venture capital firm Interwest Partners and from then until 2013 he served as a founding or interim executive in over a dozen medical device and biopharmaceutical companies in the InterWest portfolio, including AkaRx Inc., AlgoRx Pharmaceuticals, Kai Pharmaceuticals and Carbylan Therapeutics.

Gordon is Executive Director of the BioDesign Program and a Consulting Professor in Bioengineering at Stanford University.

Gordon holds a degree in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College and an MBA degree from Stanford.

He joined Drayson Technologies in November 2014.