Alison Lloyd

Senior Firmware Engineer

Alison has worked in a lot of different fields, including (but not limited to): embedded software, book editing and proof-reading, helicopter aviation, technical theatrical and music production, education, start-up wrangling, recreational diving, construction and building maintenance, web development, arts & crafts, and professional slacking. In particular, she spent about 8 years writing and shepherding firmware for digital (DAB) radios, followed by a stint flying heavy-lift helicopters to offshore oil rigs. Most recently, Alison worked as a freelancer on various embedded projects, while running her own consultancy. She likes being able to find solutions from other disciplines, and enjoys a challenge.

Outside of work, Alison has a huge range of interests - pretty much everything has caught her fancy at one time or another. She is particularly keen on making things work better, sci-fi (and fantasy) and bluegrass music. She hasn't managed to produce a bio she likes yet, and suspects that too much writing about oneself in the third person makes you go blind.