Alessandro Revenant

Power Electronics Engineer

Alessandro is from Gemona del Friuli, in Italy. He studied Electronics and Telecomunication at the high school in a technical institute. He received both his BSc degree in Electronic Engineering in 2006 and his Master degree in Power Electronics Engineer – curriculum Robotics in 2009, from the University of Udine.

During his master thesis about inverters topologies and control techniques for a photovoltaic application, he started to work in MetaSystem’s R&D department where he was in charge of the development of real time control simulation and hardware design. The first product he worked on was a 20kW NPC three level transformer-less inverter for photovoltaic applications up to 1000 V. After that, in BTicino S.p.A. he worked on the new 30 kW inverter compliant with CEI 0-21 for grid-connected application, which achieves the dynamic response to transient on the mains and reactive power control requested by Smart Grid connection.

In 2013 Alessandro joined Danieli Automation S.p.A., a worldwide steel application industry, as a Power Electronic Engineer, to develop induction heating reheating furnaces; he worked on FEM simulation, control development, reheat process management and system design, suppliers coordination and in-house test. In November, 2015 he moved to London and joined Drayson Technologies as Power Electronic Engineer.