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Drayson Technologies appoints five agency partners to launch CleanSpaceTM

7th July 2015

07.07.2015 – Eulogy, Cherry London, MRM Meteorite, Fearlessly Frank and MC&C take the remit of strategic communications; brand partnerships; creative direction; innovation and content; and media planning respectively, to launch UK-wide initiative

Drayson Technologies, the London based tech company led by Lord Paul Drayson, has appointed five agency partners to launch its latest venture: CleanSpace, a technology enabled movement for better air quality.

CleanSpace aims to improve air quality by providing people with personalised information about levels of air pollution around them and incentives to join a movement for cleaner air.

Using the latest technology, partnerships, ambassadors, media and shareable content, CleanSpace will connect individuals and organisations to create network effects that help tackle air pollution across the U.K.

Eulogy has been appointed to drive strategic communications, MRM Meteorite to provide the creative direction, and MC&C to deliver targeted media.

Fearlessly Frank will be leading the development and delivery of innovative ideas and content that disrupts and engages through channel. Cherry London is tasked with accruing a broad range of commercial partners to provide incentivising rewards and encourage their employees to join the CleanSpace movement.

First to launch from the CleanSpace toolkit will be a free smartphone app, due to be released in the UK in September. Available on Android and iOS, the CleanSpace app has two primary and distinct functions: to show members of the CleanSpaceTM network the current air pollution levels around them helping them find cleaner air around the country and to reward those who choose cleaner modes of travel, such as cycling, walking or running.

Each mile a member walks, runs or cycles is counted as a CleanMile. These work as a social and commercial currency through which the member can both demonstrate their commitment to the cause and redeem for rewards with partners such as Halfords, BooHoo, Payasyougym, Readly.com and Maxi Nutrition, among others. The air pollution data currently comes from sensors placed around the UK. It is then interpreted by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College, London and fed into the CleanSpace app.

CleanSpace Tags
The second asset to launch from the CleanSpace toolkit will be the introduction of CleanSpace Tags, personal air pollution sensors carried by CleanSpace members that provide local real-time information on air quality. Anonymised data from a member’s personal pollution sensor will be shared with other members so they can see in app whichpollution blackspots to avoid on their journey. This creates network benefits from membership of CleanSpace for both individuals and organisations.

The overall aim of the CleanSpace movement is to spark positive behavioural change in pursuit of better air quality. Lord Paul Drayson said: “Each agency has joined the CleanSpace team with vigour and a fantastic sense of collaboration. I am confident that together they will realise the full potential of the CleanSpace vision, conferring the same co-operative energy and contagious enthusiasm to the public consciousness.

“This is a great opportunity to work with partner brands and organisations that share our ethos and purpose to improve the quality of the air we all breathe.”